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How to Fix a Nail Emergency

How to Fix a Nail Emergency It has happened to all of us. We have been growing our nails so they will look terrific for that important big day, then the day before the event a nail tears, sometimes even lower than the quick, ooch!.

Don't worry, this can be fixed. Take the paper from a dried used tea bag and tear of a piece bigger than the nail tear. It's important that the edge of the piece is torn all the way around, no straight lines. This is so that the piece can be incorporated into the nail surface without leaving an obvious edge.

Apply a generous layer of base coat to the whole of the affected nail and, while its still wet, place the piece of paper over the tear in the nail. Push down well so that the paper is bedded into the base coat. Allow this to dry completely then apply another coat of base coat on top. When this is dry apply several coats of your usual nail polish until the paper is invisible.

This patch will last for quite a while. Apply a new coat of polish or top coat every day to extend it's life. This trick should get you through your important big day and allow the nail to grow up a bit beyond the quick so that when you have to trim the nail and it's patch it won't be sore and will look OK.
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Max Factor, the Father of Modern Make Up.

Max Factor, the Father of Modern Make Up. The name Max factor is synonymous with make up and cosmetics in the UK. It's famous products; Creme Puff, Lasting Performance Foundation and Pan Stik are almost as popular as ever and it's new mascaras sell very well here.

The extraordinary and romantic story of the original Max Factor, the Father of Modern Make Up, might almost have come from one of the films that made his name household words.

Born Maximillian Fakbrowiczin in 1877 in Poland, Max was of Jewish descent. He learnt his skill when he was apprenticed as a young man to a pharmacist and dentist. He was still a young man when he left Poland for Russia and set up his first shop in Moscow selling perfume, skin creams, wigs and cosmetics. His big break came when a theatre company used his cosmetics for a performance watched by many of Russia's aristocrats. This led to his appointment as Cosmetics Consultant to the Russian Royal Family.

Increasing anti-Jewish feeling in Russia and Eastern Europe led Max to emigrate, with his young family, to America in 1904. At the infamous immigration centre on Ellis Island his unpronounceable name was simplified to Max Factor.

The family had only been able to bring a small amount of money with them and Max had to sell his creams and perfumes at fairs all over America before they had enough money to settle down in Los Angeles where Max established his first Max Factor Beauty Salon. Max was one of the first people to see the potential of the budding movie industry there.

Horrified by the dreadful make up worn on the screen in those early movies, Max created the first flexible greasepaint in 12 shades. This was a big hit and Max was soon make up artist to all the great Hollywood stars. The distinctive look of most of the great film actresses were created by Max. Bette Davis, Judy Garland, Joan Crawford and many others owed their screen image to Max and soon their millions of fans around the world demanded the products for themselves.

Many of the cosmetics products we use today were invented by Max, often referred to as The Father of Modern Make Up. Lip Gloss was invented in 1930. Pan Cake make up, forerunner of all modern foundation and nail polish in 1934. Erace, the first ever cosmetic concealer, was launched on the market in 1954. It's modern counterpart is still available today.

Max died in 1943 and the business was continued by his son Frank and by other members of the family until 1976. Today Max Factor is owned by the giant multi-national company Proctor and Gamble. Here in the UK Max Factor is as popular as ever. Colour Adapt and Lasting Performance Foundation, Lipfinity Lip Gloss and Max Factor's excellent range of mascaras are still best sellers and are heavily advertised on television and in magazines using their modern day catch phrase, Max Factor, The Make Up Of Make Up Artists.

Sadly the picture in the United States, the home of Max's success, is very different and Proctor and Gamble discontinued Max Factor in 2010 due to lack of demand. However Max Factor's many British fans need not worry as the brand is still available in Europe and the United Kingdom.

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Beauty Tips for the Over 40's

Beauty Tips for the Over 40's

Your make up needs to evolve as you grow older and change with our skin tone and facial features. Here are a few tips to staying fabulous, whatever your age.

Wear more blush, as we age we lose pigment in the skin and your skin may have less natural glow. So make sure you always use blusher.

Never chose a beige or pink based foundation shade. Pink or beige sucks warmth out of the skin. Try an ivory, porcelain, natural or sand shade.

Donít over pluck your eye brows, itís ageing and dated. As we age our eyelids droop or even sag a little. Over plucked eye brows will accentuate this puffiness and drag your eyes down. Well shaped  and defined eye brows give a youthful look.

Donít use more eyeliner under the eye than on the top. This drags down the eyes and accentuates the droop. A thin, slightly smudged line, starting from about a third of the way from your nose will instantly lift the eyes.

Donít use frosted eye shadow or white frosty highlighter. Anything frosty accentuates lines because it makes the skin look scaly. Leave frosty to the teenagers.

Donít over powder. The more moisturisers you use, and you should definitely be using this on mature skin, the more porous your skin will become when you use powder. Even the fineness of powders can look cakey if the skin is moist and greasy. Try applying your moisturiser 30 minutes before making up to allow it to sink in,  and choosing a lighter weight product for day time use, keeping the heavier anti-ageing products for bedtime.

Donít use dark or harsh lipstick shades if you have small lips. As we age our lips get thinner and tend to sag. Use a natural shade of lip liner to prevent bleeding. Blend inwards to avoid the lined look and re-apply your lipstick regularly. If you like bright lipstick, highlight the centre of your lips to give them a fuller effect. Apply a little concealer to the outer edge of your lips and go just  a bit beyond the lip line. Also apply concealer to the outer corners of your lips and go just inside the natural corners of your mouth. All these things will give the appearance of fuller lips. They are high maintenance though and need a lot of retouches during the day to stay looking good. For everyday use try a nude or natural looking lipstick.

Finally the beauty advice that applies to everyone. Eat lots of fruit and veg. Get plenty of sleep and drink plenty of water.






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Give Yourself a Makeover this Spring.

Give Yourself a Makeover this Spring.

Prepare Your Skin for Spring

 As winter draws to its damp conclusion, itís fair to say that our skin has taken a beating during the cold months. As we start to tone up in anticipation of losing those shapeless layers to bare all for the warmer weather, itís essential that we also take some time to reboot our daily beauty routine and refresh our makeup bags for some springtime shine.

Here at Cosmetics 4 Less, we have lots of excellent products and ideas to help you on your way, so pull up a chair and read our top tips for perfect springtime skin.


 Ok, we all know we should wear sunscreen all year around, but letís be honest, how many of us actually do? Itís far too easy to let it slip in the weak winter sunshine, but now is the time to put some sunscreen back into your daily routine. Ensure you use a daily moisturiser which has at least a factor 15 built in, and if youíre going to be in the sun for any length of time slather your skin in a minimum of a factor 30 sunscreen.

 Lighten Up

 Winter is all about heavy foundation and smoky eyes, but the key to spring is clear, fresh skin. Opt for a tinted moisturiser, or a lightweight, translucent foundation for a natural-looking base. Swap your powder blush for a simple check stain, and ditch those dramatic dark eyes in favour of pastel colours.

Get Some Glow

Banish your pale winter skin with some natural bronzer, to give your skin a sun-kissed glow. Itís much healthier than trying to jumpstart your tan with a trip to the sunbed, gives instant results and it will keep your skin looking young and healthy.

Be Bold with Your Lips

 While we recommend toning down your skin and eye makeup during the spring in favour of natural and pastel tones, choosing some bold colour for your lips will finish your springtime look with style. Bold reds and pinks will ensure you stand out this spring.

Natural Nails

 If you regularly use gel or artificial nails, itís essential to give your nails a break every few months to let them repair and strengthen up. Treat your nails to a good moisturiser, before applying a natural, protective base, and finishing them with a nude tone thatís ideal for spring.

 If you need some inspiration to refresh your makeup bag this spring, take a look at the great range of products on Cosmetics 4 Less.

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Spring Clean for Your Make Up.

Spring Clean for Your Make Up. Spring is on it's way and, while we are planning to spring clean our house and maybe overhaul our wardrobes, we should also consider giving our make up bags a good clean out.

Old make up is not so effective and it's a breeding ground for bacteria which is very bad news for skin and especially eyes. So tip the contents of your make up bag, bags, drawers etc, on to an old towel and prepare to be ruthless.

Amazingly the average British woman keeps old cosmetics for up to six years1 This gives germs a perfect breeding ground and is the cause of many skin irritations and blemishes I am sure.

So start going through all your products and throw away anything that is out of date, separated or gone a funny colour. Also bin anything that has leaked. if product can get out then germs can get in.

Then think about how long you have had each of the remaining items. Mascara is only safe to use for 3-6 months. Don't keep it any longer than this as eye infections can be very serious indeed. Foundation will last for a year after opening, lipsticks will probably be alright for up to 2 years but throw away any that begin to smell a little different. Powder items such as eyes shadows, and blusher can last up to 3 years.   

Your make up brushes can harbour a veritable zoo of bacteria as well as dead skin, old make up and skin oils. So clean them regularly, at least once a week. I use a few squirts of a gentle shampoo in a small bowl of warm water. Try not to get the brush completely covered in water as this can cause the bristles to fall out. Hold the brush in the water with the bristles hanging downwards and gently massage until clean. Change the water if necessary and rinse thoroughly. Allow the brushes to dry naturally lying down on a towel so that the water does not run down the handles.

Then take the opportunity of cleaning out your empty make up bag. Clean inside and out with a gentle soap solution and give a final wipe with an antibacterial wipe to get ride of any remaining bugs.

If your clean out has left your make up bag a bit empty then it's a good time to treat yourself to some new products. At Cosmetics4less we have a great range of products at prices that won't break the bank.
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Wedding Day Make Up

Wedding Day Make Up You want to look your best on the day so make sure you have your make up planned and perfected well before the big day.

Whether you are having a professional make up artist, a friend or relative, or doing your make up yourself have a practice run. ideally have a full drss rehersal and take photos so you can see how it will turn out in the pictures taken on the day.  

It is probably not a good idea to experiment with a new look entirely, better to stick to the look you know suits you, just make it an enhanced version. You will need to define your features a little more strongly so they show up well in the photos and err on the side of a natural look as this will not date. Hopefully you and your family will be looking at the photos for many years to come.

When choosing products look for "waterproof" and "long lasting". A waterproof mascara is a definite must as even the most unromantic of brides have been known to shed a tear at some stage during the day. You want your make up to last well as you won't have time for touch ups and you won't want to be bothered by worrying about whether your lipstick has worn off.


Start with concealer and foundation. You should always try for a shade that matches your skin tones but be careful that too pale a shade might make you look washed out if you are wearing white or ivory, while too deep a shade can make you look orange. A yellow tone will bring warmth to your face without being too dark and a sweep of bronzer will add a touch of colour without overdoing it. If you are wearing a low cut dress remember to take the colour down to your chest area or blend in really well to gradually loose the colour if you prefer. Choose a concealer that is very slightly darker than your foundation. If you choose a lighter shade this can show up on the photos as a pale ring under the eyes. 

Products that add shimmer and highlights to the complexion should be used with caution as shimmer can look like a sheen of sweat in a photo, not pretty. Stick to matte products and if you must add highlights add just a little to brow bones and cheek bones, maybe a little on the bust area if wearing a low cut dress. 

If you are getting married in the summer you may well get very hot in crowded rooms so beware of anything shiny and choose a light coverage foundation, you don't want anything melting in the sun. Go easy on the blusher as two different tones of red, your natural glow and a blusher does not look good. Choose a powder or stain rather than a cream and blend in well. Choose a pretty light pink and apply sparingly. If very red cheeks are a problem then try a green tinted concealer but make sure you try this out well in advance to see if it works for you.

Green concealer can also work for red cheeks caused by cold if you are getting married in the winter. If you choose to wear lip gloss you will have to reapply constantly throughout the day, as you eat, drink, kiss relatives and new husbands. A long lasting lipstick is a better choice. To make your lipstick last all day, apply a lip primer then apply a layer of foundation and let it dry thoroughly, this makes a good base. Then apply a lip pencil, choose the same shade as your lipstick, then fill  in your whole lips with the pencil. Blend in well so that , even if you lipstick rubs off you still have some colour on your lips but you don't have that awful line around the edge.

Then apply lipstick, blot with a tissue and apply again. Repeat this once again. 

It is a good idea to have your eyebrows professionally shaped before the big day. Then you can use a pencil or brow powder in your natural shade.  

it is also a real moral booster to have a professional manicure done a day or so before the wedding. If you have nice nails of your own a french manicure looks lovely for a bride or have false nails put on if you bite them or don't have perfect natural nails. 

On the day have some emergency supplies secreted somewhere you can get to them easily. Cotton buds to touch away any smudges, lipstick or lip gloss in case you need a touch up. Translucent loose powder to get rid of any shine. Breath freshener in case the food is garlicky or to get rid of the smell of alcohol and a tiny phial of your favourite perfume, a great confidence booster.

Finally enjoy your big day and don't worry, everything will be fine.


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